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Massage increases the metabolism, stimulates the lymphatic flow, relaxes the muscle tissue, and soothes the body and soul. Our massages are an integration of many techniques including the traditional Swedish relaxation massage, deep tissue massage and many other massage techniques.

Body Massage
Target Zone (30 min.) $45
Full Body (60 min.) $75
Full Body Detail (90 min.) $105
LaStone / Hot Rock Massage
30 min. $65
60 min. $95
90 min. $125
Deep Tissue Body Massage
30 min. $65
60 min. $95
90 min. $125
Rain Drop Therapy Add $20 to massage
The LaStone / Hot Rock

Wonderfully warm, nurturing and very effective in melting away knots. The unique feeling of the warmth or coolness along with the smooth texture
of the stones is luxurious and deeply relaxing.

Add $20 to massage
Also available: Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Accupressure

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Body Treatments

If you have any skin allergies, please notify your therapist before treatment.

Herbal Wrap – 45 min. $50
Relax while your body is wrapped in warm herb-soaked linens to detoxify,
increase circulation, help minimize fluid retention while helping release
toxins from your body.
Herbal with Mini Vitamin C Facial – 45 min. $80
Relaxing & Detoxifying – Wrapped in warm fragrant linens soaked in our
5-herb solution, enjoy deep relaxation
Salt & Citrus Glow – 45 min. $60
Detoxifying, Exfoliating & Softening – A combination of organic sea salt and
citrus essential oils are rubbed over the skin; exfoliating and stimulating
circulation encouraging release of toxins from the body. Your skin will be
silky smooth.
Moor “Mud” Body Mask – 60 min. $80
Two Wraps in One – Phytoaromatic oil is gently massaged into troubled areas
beginning a process of stimulating circulation with a cellulite gel. Next your
body is painted with our mineral-rich “mud”. Skin is purified, softened and
Hair and Scalp Treatment (add to a wrap or facial) – 15 min. $15
Revitalizes dull lifeless hair – adds body and shine – deep conditions
damaged or over processed hair.
Paraffin Hand Mask (add to a wrap or facial – 15 min. $15
Therapeutic hand mask replenishes moisture leaving the skin feeling soft
and rejuvenated.

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